Projects in Ukraine

Our mission was not only to provide community assistance and send humanitarian aid but to spread the Word of God to families across Ukraine.

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Ukraine ministry

The passion to give back to our homeland country was always there. Our mission was not only to provide community assistance and send humanitarian aid but to spread the Word of God to families across Ukraine.

When opportunity came to help out with building new churches without a doubt we believed that we have been called by God to do it. We were inspired to participate in establishing Bible Centers and educational facilities to train pastors, ministers and youth leaders who will go and preach the gospel to the young and the old, the strong and the weak and people from all walks of life. When the 2008 crisis hit here, it hit even more there. They were not able to survive without our support, and our goal was to help financially until they are able to do it themselves while inspiring and encouraging local Ukrainian  businesses to invest into their missionaries and ministry work.

This grew into more than we could have ever imagined and we were truly blessed to experience God working miracles, blessing us to participate with local ministries in providing transportation, medical supplies, food, baby supplies and other various forms of assistance for elderly and disabled, widows and children, and struggling families.

Children’s ministry always had a special place in our heart, and we were thrilled to engage with local churches and ministries to reach out to local underprivileged children. Five days of Vacation Bible school were held in over 200 villages and cities in Ukraine to date. Some of the examples of projects we do and support:

  • Provided help with building local churches and educational facilities.
  • Supporting local ministers and pastors
  • Supporting active missionaries that work in between villages
  • Provide financial help to educational facilities that train ministers, pastors and youth leaders.
  • Setting up and supporting existing rehab centers and halfway houses in underprivileged communities battling drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Provide formula and baby supplies for single mothers and struggling families.
  • Establish food banks to distribute breakfast, lunch, and dinner to men, women, and children in need
  • Provide in need ministries and bible centers with transportation and equipment to allow them to be able to assist nearby communities.
  • Provide various forms of assistance to the elderly and disabled such as spiritual guidance, medical supplies, food, water, and transportation.
  • Provide support in coordinating Children’s ministry that help to reach out and engage with local underprivileged children through spiritual guidance, games and activities. 

Together with the help, love and support of people and organizations we can continue to do ministry work in Ukraine and throughout the world.

May God bless you, your families, and the people of Ukraine!