Relationships between students

Conditions are created and students are encouraged in every possible way to show the best features of their character, the positive components of etiquette; by deeds, words and behavior to testify to the changes that have occurred and are taking place in their lives – to get ahead of each other with respect. To show the power of principles in humility, endurance, wisdom and in service to others.

Conversations and behaviors are encouraged that have a positive impact on other students, contribute to their renewal and development.

Student Family

The participation of the family in the process of passing the program by the Student is encouraged. Since addiction has a destructive effect on relationships with loved ones, rehabilitation and personal renewal are impossible without resuming relationships with God and others.

The rehabilitation program includes the contact of the Recovery Center Workers with the family, the Church, the Student’s friends, consultations for family members, and also the participation of the family and the local church in the process of the Student’s recovery.

Relationships between students. Charity Foundation - Freedom in Christ

Our Center

With God’s and your help, we are growing and have everything you can see on the grounds of our Recovery Center.