Projects in Ethiopia

Together we can help those who are affected by this war.
No amount is too little!

Ministry for Ethiopia

One of our local sponsors got introduced to evangelists and they both had a common interest to do more for God in Ethiopia.

Together with God’s help we were able to open up a Bible school that would provide training for the future pastors and ministers to go out and preach the Gospel to Ethiopian people. During this time, a big flood had happened and everything got washed away. Farmers lost everything including their livestock.

Most of the people in this area were muslims. We wanted to win this people for the Kingdom of God. About 75 goats were purchased and passed out among those farmers together with some groceries and household items to help them restore their well-being. This act of love grew tremendous respect toward us and our faith. We started our school just with 12 students, but now those 12 students have planned 136 churches, that is 11,000 members all together.

May God bless you, your families, and the people of Ethiopia!
Freedom in Christ is hosting a fundraiser to help people around the world.