Projects in Ethiopia

Together with God’s help we were able to open up a Bible school that would provide training for the future pastors and ministers to go out and preach the Gospel to Ethiopian people.

Ethiopia. Charity Foundation - Freedom in Christ

Ministry for Ethiopia

We have been supporting Salvation Voice for four years now.  The results are amazing.

They provide special training for missionaries before they are ready to go out and plant new churches. It costs about $1100 to put one missionary through four months training. So far they already have planted 220 churches in Ethiopia. We support our ministers who devoted themselves to missionary work. That costs us somewhere between $40 and $80 dollars monthly, depending on location and marital status. For the first while they rent churches but eventually they build churches for their congregations. 

Not too long ago, Salvation Voice started to send their missionaries to other surrounding countries including Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Pakistan, India, Dubai. Indonesia and Malaysia are next in plans.

May God bless you, your families, and the people of Ethiopia!