Center workers

The Recovery Center is one of the departments of the Mission “Freedom in Christ”, therefore, in its work it is accountable to the Director and the Board of Directors of the Mission.

Ministers of the Church are also involved in conducting Bible lessons.

The direct management of the Recovery Center is carried out by the Responsible for the Department. Each group of Students is assigned a Leader of the Center – an employee who constantly stays with students on the territory of the Recovery Center throughout the day, the Leader accompanies students in work projects and in attending church services.

The leaders of the Recovery Center are responsible for the first level of counseling work with Students – close personal contact – due to the fact that they spend more time with Students than other employees of the Recovery Center, under the guidance of senior ministers of the Mission and the Church, they conduct simple consultations of students (give advice on the effectiveness of the program , make comments, etc.).

Evaluation by the Leaders of the effectiveness of passing the program by Students is important when making a decision on transfer to the next stage of the program and choosing the specifics of the components of passing the program individually for each Student.

A deeper level of counseling work (confession, counseling in difficult family situations, solving complex spiritual issues, etc.) is carried out with the involvement of ordained ministers of the Church, workers with experience in counseling work in relevant areas of life.

Center workers. Charity Foundation - Freedom in Christ

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With God’s and your help, we are growing and have everything you can see on the grounds of our Recovery Center.