Support for “Dobra Novyna” Church. Charity Foundation - Freedom in Christ

Support for “Dobra Novyna” Church

Dear brothers and sisters at Freedom in Christ  ministry. We would like to express our gratitude for your prayers and financial support. In these difficult times for Ukraine, we thank God that He opens your hearts to true Christian love. We are aware that without foreign assistance, Ukraine would not have survived this unequal war. Famous Ukrainian proverb says “a friend is known in trouble”, and we are grateful to the Lord that He gives us true friends.

Your financial aid was used for

1. Evacuation of people from places of active hostilities (diesel fuel, car maintenance)

2. Accommodation and meals for migrants. So far, we have organized meals and accommodation for 95 people. Every day more and more people arrive.

3. We provide humanitarian aid (clothing, food, medicine) for people who remain in places of active hostilities.

May God bless your families and ministries.

Freedom in Christ is hosting a fundraiser to help people around the world.

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