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Churches are working together.

Churches are working together. On February 28th, ten tons of humanitarian aid were collected at the Ukrainian Church of Christian Evangelical Faith, Rivne region in the small village of Karpilivka.  All donations collected were transported to Poltava and Zhitoyr regions. On the way back, our volunteers evacuated a group of people from the war zone. 


On March 4th, church members of two villages (Glinne and Karpilivka), in Rivne region, collected another four tons of humanitarian aid. They partnered together with a christian ministry “Gloria”, located in Sarny, and transported collected donations to an active war zone in Kiev. What usually was a three hour drive, now it took our drivers over 10 hours to get there, taking detours from destroyed roads. 

Freedom in Christ is hosting a fundraiser to help people around the world.

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