Mothers and children in Mariupol need help right now

Together we can help those who are affected by this war. No amount is too little!
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Images of pregnant women covered in dust and blood dominated news reports in many countries.  Airstrike hits the Maternity and Birth Center in Mariupol, hurting 17 people including personnel and patients.  Mariupol,  a Ukrainian city, is under constant bombardment by aircraft and artillery of the Russian occupational forces. For over a week, the occupiers have been condoning off the city and failed at all the attempts to provide humanitarian access to besieged civilians.

Groceries and Basic medications
• Non perishable foods, personal hygiene items, disposable cups, plates and utensils, paper towels and wipes.
• First aid kits and over the counter medications
• Tents and folding chairs

We send warm clothes to those parts of Ukraine where they are needed most.
• Blankets, pillows.
• Warm clothes and waterproof boots

Infant Supply
We are looking for needy families with infants and provide them with everything they need.
• Infant formula, baby food.
• Diapers, wipes, baby rash cream.
• Blankets, swaddlers.

Personal Protective Gear
These following items are needed for volunteers as well as for refugees being transported out the war zone
• Bulletproof vests
• Bulletproof helmets
• Reflective vest

All funds donated to transportation will go toward Transporting people to safe zone across the border
• Full size and fuel
• Meals during the travel
• Shelter upon the arrival
• Find place to live and a job