Ukraine needs help!

Together we can help those who are affected by this war. No amount is too little!
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When the city is under the attack, people run to church for food, shelter and overall comfort. At times like that no one asks questions about your faith or beliefs. It is the perfect time for christians to be the light to the world. While working in different missionary fields in Ukraine for over a decade we have developed strong relationships with local churches and ministries. Our goal today is to help financially to our fellow missionaries and volunteers to reach out to as many people in need as possible.

Your donations will do the following:

  • Transport food and basic needs from Europe to Ukraine
  • Distribute them in war affected zones and frontline towns
  • Rescue seniors and disabled citizens from basements to shelters
  • Transport refugees to
  • Poland and other European countries
  • Provide place to live upon the arrival
  • Provide meals
  • Provide post trauma counseling
  • Provide with connections to get status and find work


We were able to do so much already, but with your generous donations much more can be done. 

Groceries and Basic medications
• Non perishable foods, personal hygiene items, disposable cups, plates and utensils, paper towels and wipes.
• First aid kits and over the counter medications
• Tents and folding chairs

We send warm clothes to those parts of Ukraine where they are needed most.
• Blankets, pillows.
• Warm clothes and waterproof boots

Infant Supply
We are looking for needy families with infants and provide them with everything they need.
• Infant formula, baby food.
• Diapers, wipes, baby rash cream.
• Blankets, swaddlers.

Personal Protective Gear
These following items are needed for volunteers as well as for refugees being transported out the war zone
• Bulletproof vests
• Bulletproof helmets
• Reflective vest

All funds donated to transportation will go toward Transporting people to safe zone across the border
• Full size and fuel
• Meals during the travel
• Shelter upon the arrival
• Find place to live and a job